A Bespoke Cocktail Bar in Singapore

Aryaa offers a wide variety of craft cocktails as well as international cocktails. We use home infused spirits and characterful ingredients like: paan, hummus, spiced tea and others.

Some of the "must try" are: cocktails


Aryaa`s Special Creation Cocktails

Barrel Aged Aryaa Fashion

You can’t feel Old-Fashioned here in Aryaa, try our Aryaa Fashion!
This bourbon based drink is sure strong as Alexander the Great!


Arabian Nights

This drink will bring you all the way to the Sahara Desert. Our in-house homemade infused gin with Amaro, sweet vermouth and pimms No1 will definitely Sheikh up your night! Pun intended.


Royal Roman

Feel like a king with this refreshing, spiced yet mild drink made of spice tea gin and citrus. Rosemary syrup and Peychaud’s bitters make this cocktail really royal!



How many miles can you go? Can you reach ancient lonian city of western Asia – Miletus? Mix of rum, citrus, mysterious syrup and ginger beer is light and refreshing so you can go all the miles you want.


Yalla Habibi

Why not have some hummus to drink? Pisco, citrus and apple syrup, inspired by the fascination of exotic. Just say it – Yalla!


Pink Roxy

Get foxy & roxy with this girly drink! This spiced rum with notes of citrus, almond, pineapple and orange will definitely wake you up!


Paan martini

We now continue Alexander’s journey to North India. Martini with an Indian twist! We add your favourite Paan in this drink.


Sling is King

A twist of Singapore Sling: Pineapple vodka mixed with citrus, apricot and pomegranate.


A Night in Mykonos

Now you can tell your friends that you’ve been to Mykonos! Drink like the Greeks with this High West rye whiskey based cocktail, with notes of citrus, grapefruit and homemade bitters.


Alexander’s Desire

You know you’re in Asia when your drink has a hint of Nasi Lemak. This Pandan infused Cachaca with citrus and plum syrup, gives so much character to this drink.


King of Asia

This Whiskey Sour twist is one classic cocktail made of laphroaig, citrus and lemongrass, that won’t make you sour! This King of Asia is sure strong as hell!


Divine Gravity

Feel like a Persian princess with a sip of this drink. A champagne cocktail with honey apple and apple sour.