Private events

Private EVENT Spaces in Singapore

Aryaa welcomes families, colleagues and friends to enjoy a private function at one of our dedicated event spaces. Reserve a venue that lives off creativity, innovation and storytelling to transform corporate dinners, family celebrations and parties into cherished occasions. As an award wining restaurant, we offer a wide variety of event entertainment, like: live bands, live performances, international artists/singers, belly dancing show, magicians and stand-up comedy shows.  Inspired by Alexander the Great’s journey, each visit to Aryaa is a story in its own, combining the charm of Greek history with the magnificence of rich, flavourful Indian and Mediterranean dishes.

You can host a special celebration, have a meal with the family and friends during a festival, party the night away at the unique cocktail bar/lounge, or even host a corporate event. The possibilities are endless when you choose Aryaa. Centrally located in Singapore, across the Arab street/Kampong Glam, Aryaa offers an outdoor alfresco dining and covered car park, which is a perfect option for corporate clients.

Treat your guests to beautiful food inspired by history

Find the perfect corporate dinner venue to celebrate your staff’s achievements. With each event, we work tirelessly to create a truly memorable occasion, from the layout of our private venues to the very care our chefs put in to curate beautiful food fusions and cocktails.

Visit Aryaa for any celebration, and leave feeling enriched in exquisite foods, zesty drinks and a magnificent story.

A cherished experience for that special occasion

Reserve an event space with Aryaa and see why our restaurant is like no other in Singapore. With uniquely crafted cocktails and carefully measured dishes, we can help you create an event that’s sure to impress.

No matter the occasion, Aryaa will give you an unparalleled experience of the senses. Enquire with our team today to discuss the details of your event, and we will work to meet your requirements.