Embark on a culinary journey into history with us to explore Alexander’s expedition across the Mediterranean, the Anatolian plateau, all the way into the Indian subcontinent, where he came face to face with the Aryans in 327 BC.

Named after this point in history, “Aryaa” meaning “Noble” in Sanskrit, offers you an encounter with the gastronomic treasures along this route of conquest. A Unique “Experience” that’s blends History & Food.

Engage all your senses as you inhale the aromas of the cuisines along this route, taste the fusion of ingredients in the creations of renowned chef and groove to the rhythms of these cultures. Aryaa will give you the complete experience of a restaurant, bar and lounge as it blends the elements of history and food in a unique concept.

Prepare to experience the fusion of cultures with every sip of your cocktail and every morsel of food that is artistically created by the mixologists and chefs at Aryaa. Come and experience the mélange of cumin with harissa, feta with fennel, mezze with tikkas, and vodka with a touch of anise.

Come to Aryaa to host a special celebration, to have a meal with the family during a festival, to party the night away at the unique cocktail bar, or to host a corporate event. Aryaa will give you an unparalleled experience of the senses.


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