Our Concept

ARYAA honours the breadth of traditional Greek and North Indian cuisine by bringing fresh, wholesome cooking from all regions of Greece, Turkey and India to an elegant, contemporary and comfortable setting in the heart of CBD area.

A Unique “Experience” that’s blends History, Food and Culture. A “one of
its kind” in Asia and perhaps in the World. Themed around “Alexander the
Great” conquest of Eurasia, Aryaa picks on the food trail of his journey
from Europe into Middle East and eventually into North India. Aryaa means
“Noble” in Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages in the world. Embark on a
culinary journey, parallel to Alexander’s historical expedition across the
Mediterranean and the Middle East, all the way into the Indian
subcontinent, where he came face to face with the Aryans in 327 BC. Named
after this point in history, Aryaa offers you an encounter with the
gastronomic treasures along this route of conquest.

Aryaa will give you the complete experience of a restaurant, bar and lounge
as it blends the elements of history, food and culture in a unique concept.